Themosis framework 1.1.0.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the availability of the Themosis framework 1.1.0.

In order to start a new project, simply follow the get started documentation at the following address:

If you’re already working with a framework 1.0.x version, we invite you to follow the upgrade guide:

This update brings new features and a bunch of new fixes making the framework even more stable. Get a full list of those features by reading the “change log” page on the official Themosis framework website:

Please note that since version 1.1.0, by default, the framework plugin is installed as a “must use” plugin and is located under the “mu-plugins” directory of your application.

Lastly, we remind you that the Themosis agency specialise in the development of WordPress professionnal solutions for companies and businesses. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let’s talk about your project. You can send us an email at the following address:

And finally, we would like to send you our best wishes for 2015!

Themosis framework 1.0

The Themosis framework is finally available. Find a full documentation regarding the framework at this new address:

All future announcements regarding the Themosis framework will be published on our Twitter account @Themosis and the newsletter.

For further explanations about the Themosis website’s changes, please read our previous article below.

Changes and a fresh start.

In the days and weeks to come, many things will change on Themosis was first presented as a “framework” for WordPress developers, but has become more than a tool.

Today we have two changes to announce. The first concerns the future of the Themosis framework and the second regarding the creation of a Themosis web agency specialize in the design and development of WordPress web solutions and websites.

The Themosis framework started as a collaboration tool for structuring and maintaining WordPress solutions and websites. It served as the foundation for WordPress projects for our clients and services offered on the website.

Considering that the project could be used for more than one person, we wanted to share this tool with the WordPress community. After a 0.8-beta version, many developers’s feedbacks and dozens of improvements, it is time for us to publish this tool.

We announce the availability of the Themosis framework 1.0 this October 9, 2014.

The framework will be free and open-source under a GPLv2 license just like WordPress. We chose this option in order to make the framework accessible and simplify its adoption for all WordPress developers.

Finally, our second major announcement, the website also becomes the host of a new web agency specialized in designing WordPress solutions and websites.

We want to move forward. Themosis became for us the next step for a professional development. We transfer our skills and services that you can find on the website to and more to come.

Creating the Themosis brand and studio is also due to the fact that we decided to provide the Themosis framework for free. Any project requires a minimum of incomes to survive. Through the professional services of the studio, we wish to ensure the continuous development of the Themosis framework, reassure its users and build a community around it.

The structure of the website will therefore change. We will separate each entity as follows:

Please add these adresses to your bookmarks and come back the 9 October 2014.

Finally, the Themosis newsletter remains active but only about framework announcements and not the studio. However, please note that our Twitter account @Themosis becomes the main account for the framework and the studio.

We hope you enjoy the Themosis framework. And if you are looking for WordPress experts who are also passionate about design and web development, please contact us!

Thank you.

Julien Lambé
Founder Themosis